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Apr 15, 2020

I’ve decided to do a series on what the world needs now, especially in times of Corona.

In this first episode I’m speaking to the wonderful dr. Scott W. Mills on resilience (Dutch: veerkracht), which is something we need even more due to #Corona.

What can you actually do to make your life easier right now, not getting overwhelmed by all the fear and challenges of these times?

Dr. Scott Mills gives us some great tips on what to do, how to step out of the loop of fear in your mind and how to create space in your home for everybody to actually feel at home.

We also speak about families who are struggling and what they can do to make this a time of opportunities in stead of disconnecting even more.

A wonderful episode about creating order in the chaos.

The booktip that dr. Scott Mills mentions is Resilient by dr. Rick Hanson (also translated in Dutch: Veerkracht)



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